OMNI COLLEGE CANADA: career opportunities for African nurses


Few weeks ago in Lagos, Lead Nurse Africa (LNA) team had a positive discussion with Mr. Ron Burke, a passionate Canadian Nurse and the founder of OMNI College in Canada.

The Canadian society currently complements their increasing shortage of nurses by opening a beautiful career opportunity for international registered nurses. However, this must be done without compromising standard of nursing practice in Canada.

OMNI college will help your nursing career in the following ways;

  • The nurses will be prepared to obtain the skills and qualifications necessary to become a licensed nurse in Canada.
  • An immediate employment upon completion of your training, with an average salary of 60,000 Canadian dollars per year
  • An opportunity to live and work in Canada with your spouse and children
  • An Improved quality of life and fulfilling professional career.

Furthermore, LNA had other plans beyond the opportunities listed above. As part of the effort to ensure that nurses in Africa enjoys practicing opportunities and advanced education available for nurses globally, We have concluded plans to approach government and nongovernmental organizations in Africa to provide funds that will be available for interested nurses as loan. Mr. Ron Burke is very keen to see the success of such arrangement for our mutual benefits. The beneficiaries of this Loan will be determined by agreement between LNA and the sponsors. Transactions involving  the loan will be made between the sponsors and the nursing institution involved (i.e. OMNI). The responsibility of LNA is to organize, supervise and facilitate, to ensure transparency and credibility in the entire process.

Many Nigerian nurses have met and spoken with OMNI College representatives at education fair held recently at Abuja and Lagos, and Ghanaians nurses have also attended similar fair. LNA is now bringing the opportunity closer to everyone and expanding it to more countries in Africa.

Lead Nurse Africa intends to conclude our discussion with OMNI before we can announce to the general public, details of modalities involved in the admission. We will spread these opportunity across both Anglophones and Francophone African countries starting from Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo , Gambia, Ghana and Kenya.

There will be more opportunities for nurses from our global network. Register your mail with us in our website for constant update. Also, follow the activities in our blog and facebook page religiously to keep yourself updated and be our partner as we facilitate capacity building in nursing.

Be warned that Lead Nurse Africa do not collect Money on behalves of OMNI College or any other international organization and will not permit any individual or group to do so on our behalf. Our phone numbers are boldly written in our website under the contact menu. We will educate nurses on how to identify and avoid criminal elements extorting money from innocent colleagues hoping to travel to developed European countries, USA, Australia and Canada for greener pastures. Our responsibility is strictly to connect you to credible and legitimate institutions and organizations so that African nurses can develop themselves professionally, socially and economically. LNA will introduce nurses to more programs essential for professional development in our online trends on weekly basis. Keep in touch with us.

Interested nurse should subscribe to our email for free daily updates and follow up. The subscription column is on top of this web page.

We wish you good luck.



Lead Nurse Africa is a Pan-African nursing organization dedicated to public health promotion and professional development.

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    apologies for the inconveniences

    1. You will have a great opportunity to do so. We have tegistered your email and we will keep you updated from time to time. We have huge opportunity for many nurses. Especially those who keep doing n touch with us frequently. Cheers

  2. I am a RN/RM and BNSc holder while my husband is a RN/RPN. We have will appreciate if you could help us move to Australia or Canada to practice.Thanks

  3. I am a RN, RM AND Community Health Nurse. With experience of 1 and Half years in practice, Married, would like a link to work in either Canada or Australia

  4. I AM AN RN, RM & BNSc holder am interested to work either in Canada or Australia if given a loan

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