Ward Managers and the Microscope


Before becoming an RN, I spent 6years in Public Health Administration & 9years in Business. In all those years, not once was I written-up for anything. I’ve been working on the same floor for quite a few yrs & have never seen anything like the write-ups people get, for the most ridiculous reasons. Most of what you’re written up for, are minor clerical errors, things that could & should be handled with a quick discussion with Management, if at all.

These are actual notes: You were seen with a drink at the Nurses Station – this is not permitted, please make an appointment to discuss this. You clocked in 1 minute late last week, please see me to be re-educated about the importance of being on time. Really? That was the 1 time I was late in all these years & I get drug into the office about it. I was late because a lost old woman in the lobby, asked me to show him where the ICU was, so he could see his Wife. They didn’t care – I got a write-up, that’ll teach me not to be nice again.

We recently had a patient that should have been in the ICU, not on our floor. She needed constant care, left little time for our other patients. I work nights & my co-worker who works days, had this same group of patients’ all weekend. It was such a heavy load; she ended up having to stay late each night, to get all her charting done. What does she get for staying late to get it all done? A nasty-gram in her box – See the Mgr. about unapproved overtime. If she hadn’t done all her charting, she would have been written up for that – you can’t win.

It’s just so insulting, to be constantly treated like a bunch of Toddlers who need constant supervision. We’re a group of conscientious Professionals that take patient care seriously. My group on nights, keeps the floor running & handles any problem that comes our way, just fine, without the help of any Manager breathing down our necks – but would they ever say Thanks, you did a great job – NEVER!!! All you hear is negative – you forgot to cross a T or dot an i – from someone who hasn’t touched a patient in years, if ever.
Recently had a talk with my Brother, a long-time Trauma Nurse in another State and works for a union . He said he’s never heard of so much ridiculous, nit-picking and there were too many establishments out there that appreciate and value their Nurses, to keep putting up with this, so I’m wondering if that’s why him & his fellow Nurses are treated decently or is it just my place or is this nit-picking just within the Hospitals?



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  1. This is d reason I got out of hospital nursing. Every time a Staff was summoned she literally had to fast and pray. Two of my colleagues left bedside nursing to work at some agency two months before I left. They told us that the first time they attended a staff meeting there, they were praised and progress report was emphatically read! They both sat there bug-eyed thinking,” I can’t believe we are not being yelled at”. I recently experienced this myself in my new firm…I attended a meeting as a representative of my entire agency and the COO had nothing negative to say about the staff- she was full of praises and said we are the reason the agency is successful. Never heard anything close to that when I worked in the hospital.

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