There are many agencies and individuals across African Countries exploiting nurses with promises of better career in Canada. Most of them never diliver  these promises and the money paid  to them is non refundable.

These is what you need to know about having a career in Canada for foreigners:

It is not every province in Canada that lack nurses. Such provinces will consider permanent residents for available nursing vacancies first before considering immigrants. Therefore, you may have to queue for a long time.

You cannot practice in Canada without writing Canadian nursing Licensing Examination and undergoing some training on Canadian nursing practice. Therefore ,those promising you could practice in Canada immediately with your Nigerian, Ghanaian,Kenyan ,Tanzanian License etc are after your money.RUN!!

There are nursing colleges in Canada that prepares international nurses for career in Canada for 12 Months .They train nurses on nursing practice in Canada, prepare them to pass their Licensing Exams and ensure they acquire relevant practical skills and exposure required for Canadian Nursing Practice .

Such college will facilitate your integration, help you build network among nurses from your continent and also assist you with little job that can pay the bills for your upkeep while you study for those period of 12 months.

These Colleges are usually giving employment slots in Hundreds as their nurses are more prepared and more reliable as the college have their data and can follow their progress up. Therefore, their trained international nurses nail most lucrative jobs immediately after graduation , earning four times the amount they spent to receive their training from the college within a year.

They can make arrangement for your family (wife/husband and children) to join you once you secure a job after your training.

The Canadian Government Supports these colleges , which means, you will have no visa Problem.

Lead Nurse Africa Advice

These is the best and reliable way of securing a good career in Canada. Imagine a situation where you earn four times the money you spent to travel to Canada from a single nursing job just after one year (and you can have two jobs). You can then control your future, afford to pursue further studies while giving a better life to your family . You will return to Africa some years later with wealth, advanced clinical and academic exposure and be resourceful to our profession in building local capacity in nursing. It is a win win situation.

Lead Nurse Africa have made an arrangement with Such college and you can be in Canada by February 2017 If you begin to pursue your admission from now. You must be a registered Nurse with at least 2 years post graduation experience. Send Us email at to book an appointment with us so you can meet the Canadians when they visit Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya soon. You can also all our phone +2348059206033 for more information.


Lead Nurse Africa is a Pan-African nursing organization dedicated to public health promotion and professional development.


  1. Please am happy to get this information and I wish to get an amazing nursing career in Canada. Thank you.

  2. I ve been wondering why such programme doesn’t exist Canada like in the USA,i am very happy to see this adver.i am very much interested.’

  3. Am a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife and Registered Perioperetive Nurse with Bachelor Degree in Nursing Science. Am interested in working in Canada.

  4. Am registered nurse and midwife with diploma in Nursing!Having three years working experience!I am interested working in Canada!

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