I appreciate the almighty God before whom there was none and after whom there will be no other for translating this dream of ours into reality and for making us to be alive to witness this epoch making history in Nigeria.
I am highly delighted to use this medium to congratulate all Nigerian nurses starting with those in training institutions and the registered nurses, young and old, those charged with administration, clinical practices, academics in the citadels of learning and other educational institutions both degree awarding and hospital based, research institutions, members of professional fellowship college, regulatory bodies and professional and trade unionism and by extension the retired but active and non-tired professionals at home and in diaspora for this great feat that the nursing profession witnessed today and the history that is being made. The perfectionist among us might say, it is an accomplishment far behind others, the middle class might retort and voice out, “it is a thing of joy that the efforts of our heroes and forefathers of the nursing profession have not being in vain”. While my friends the leftist among us will comment in their usual way by condemning it and claim why can’t it be an attainment of the level of autonomy of professional practices as it is in the USA or outright banishing of hospital based nursing institutions and today without delaying it till tomorrow move every training to the university. We must be good at making realistic appraisals of our past, present and cast a foresight into the future. Our factual assessment and objective strategic plans will get us to the status of our dream. In the actual fact we have started the journey so far but this accomplishment is worth celebrating and rejoicing. Year in and out Nursing has been a recurrent decimal at NCE one after the other. The Council has been under serious issue of where to place nursing in Nigeria. I’m quick at ask, placing nursing where it rightly belongs is to whose interest? It is certain that the professionals will have sense of fulfillment and self-actualization but the Nigerian health sector will be the greatest beneficiary with the system yielding all-round qualitative service delivery and customer satisfaction. The health system will be better for it. I have a sense of accomplishment and want to profess my gratitude for being part of these great achievements. At the end internship for our university graduate of nursing sciences with appropriate placements along with colleagues in general health sciences; lateral conversion and unified scheme of services. Please note that many people criticized us severally claiming the association NANNM is against internship and that we were not doing anything towards the actualization. Now it has come to reality. Let us be quick to remind ourselves that this period should not be ONLY for jubilation but a sober reflection about our past and the journey for making the Nigerian nurse a true professional. This is a single leap so valuable at actualizing nursing professionalism in Nigeria. We should not be quick to forget that we were in a similar state of excitement in 1981 the only difference being that we came out of the legal tools, IAP awards and worn at legal tussles against us with the assistance and conspiracy of some nurses sincerely committed to error against their noble profession, today the story is not too different from what happened then. In 1989 January, this same body of NCE sat in Lagos and approved in part unified scheme of service for Nigerian nurses, but why it was not circularized is a misery till today. Then, in 1981 we seemed to have over celebrated and were too carried away by our victory that years later we found ourselves struggling for years to get the NCE to ratify the same contents of the 1981 IAP award and repeat their 1989 decision on recognizing the unifying professional qualification for nurses as the ink thing for the practices of nursing in Nigeria and elsewhere outside the country.
However, all hands should be on deck to utilize all resources within our disposal to achieve its full implementation and the upliftment of the nursing profession to the profession of our dreams where we can truly be at par with other frontline professionals in the health industry and with our counterparts on the international scene.
I am not unaware of the conversations on various social media platforms before and after the Minna, 2016 NCE and the outburst which have emanated as a result of this pronouncement; some people said and I quote ‘no need for pursuit of university education again’. What a pity! As the struggle for the unified scheme of services has never underrated the importance of higher education. The USS places emphases on academic achievement and provided for the holders of MSc and PhD degrees in Nursing with different entry point into the public services; if what we proposed from the onset and pursued to the present time is upheld and circularized for implementation. I want to use this medium to appeal to all well-meaning Nigerian nurses to remain calm and steadfast in prayers for the speedy circularization and implementation of this NCE approval. Our discourse at this historic moment of ours should focus more on generating more light than heat. I will enjoin us to lay more emphasis on the factors that unite us rather than those that separate us. It is pertinent to note that at this point, we should remember that we are first of all nurses before factors such as specialties, race, qualifications put us into different sections.
Once again, we are grateful to everyone that has contributed their quota to the actualization of this rare feat especially our past leaders and present comrades who contributed in no small measure to this success of our profession.
Comrade {Nurse} Abdrafiu Alani Adeniji
National President, NANNM


Lead Nurse Africa is a Pan-African nursing organization dedicated to public health promotion and professional development.

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