It was a great retreat with various discussions centred around economic indices suffocating the national interest with an aptitude on creating a permanent solutions to the extracted challenges.  The 2016 National Economic  Summit  Retreat  has come and gone leaving behind heart bothering and blogging issues.

My main talk – point shall be on health sector.  Below is an extract of the President’s speech:

” Last of the four areas that time will allow me to say few words,  but by no means the least,  is healthcare.  In my inauguration speech last May,  I remarked that the whole field of Medicare in our country needed government attention.  Dirty hospitals!  (few sights are more upsetting than a dirty hospital),  inadequate equipment,  poorly trained nursing staff,  overcrowding.  The litany of shortcomings is almost endless”.

POORLY TRAINED NURSING STAFF – this statement depicts deplorable state of Nursing profession in Nigeria with negative effect on health care system. It’s disheartening and heart-cracking to only mention nursing as poorly trained in such gatherings of national and international reputations.  A big blow to nursing image,  an unwarranted publicity in which nursing already had poor societal image.

Mr President,  with all due respects,  and I stand to be corrected,  with all sense of humility nursing is not the only poorly trained health personnel,  it cut across all the profession in the health care,  with series of poor diagnoses,  substandard treatment,  error of omission and comisson in the laboratory results,  dispension of expired drugs among others,  all are due to poor training system.  Strikes loomed in our universities has crumbled and disrupted academic proficiency as well as clinicals with incessant strikes among all the health care workers.  The end result is half – baked health personnel at the end of their training in universities with simultaneous negative effect on health care system. A need to review nursing curriculum, abolish hospital based training system, making internship a reality,  and provide automomy for various professionals.

No group of the health team should be used as a standard yardstick to measure competency,  standard and professionalism.  Each group is an entity on its own,  thus all should be called to round- table  to ameliorate and complement each other’s effort in having a standard healthcare system.

I urged Minister of Health – Professor Isaac Adewole to do the needful,  be patriotic,  unbiased and provide all encompassing structures for the professionals in health team to deliberate,  discourse and engaged on way forward without selfish and egocentric  outlook of one another.


A Public Health Nurse

adamsolatayo@gmail. com


Lead Nurse Africa is a Pan-African nursing organization dedicated to public health promotion and professional development.

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