When one is found naked in public, the person is declared as mentally challenged.
When someone dresses half naked, the society sees the person as uncultured.
This calls for the necessity of covering private parts.

There are people who see people’s privacy by virtue of their profession: nurses and midwives and other healthcare providers are not exception.
Since I’m a nurse, I’ll limit myself to the hospital setting.

Because of the confidence patients have in healthcare providers,
they do not feel shy exposing their private parts for health care services, when the need arises.
Privacy is very paramount to everyone and because of that, we should respect it.

Nowadays, “some” healthcare providers normalize exposure of the privacy of patients
especially when examining pregnant women for gestational age and during other procedures like injection, catheterization, and few others that require provision of screen.

The few patients who ask these health care providers to do the right thing are referred to as “too knowing”
Let’s always remember that we were taught in school to provide privacy in such procedures.

Privacy is paramount to everybody so please respect it.

Nii Yaate Hesse Bernard , Former Press secretary GNMTA

Edited by:
Douglas Adu-Fokuo
(Kofi Ghana)


Lead Nurse Africa is a Pan-African nursing organization dedicated to public health promotion and professional development.


  1. Thanks for reminding us again concerning our patient privacy, i went to a hospital in lagos by name MCC amuwo odofin, their dont keep d rule at all, a midwife will be checking a pregnant patient c.m in the present of plenty security Men, the midwife Will even be proud to tell me that the Man is part of us, pls Nursing leaders caution the hospital, Thanks

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