Doctors and nurses ‘FAIL to wash their hands almost 40% of the time – and miss safe injection practices a third of the time’


  • Study assessed infection prevention policies in 15 outpatient clinics
  • Found recommended policies were in place 93% of times across centers
  • But, only 63% of staff followed hand hygiene measures and just 66% compiled with safe injection procedures 
  • Experts warn non-compliance raises the risk of infections like hepatitis 

    A worrying number of medical staff at outpatient clinics are failing to adhere to standard policies put in place to prevent infections, experts have warned.

    Doctors, nurses and other staff fail to follow guidelines for hand hygiene 37 per cent of the time, as well as policies in place for safe injection practices one in three times, a new study has revealed.

    Adherence to recommended infection prevention policies is vital in limiting the risk of infection, the researchers note.

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