The international Nurses week begins each year on May 6th and ends on May 12th, the birthday of Florence nightingale, the mother of modern nursing.

Nurses week is one of the largest health care global events celebrating and recognizing the contributions of nurses and educating the public about the significant of nurses role in healthcare. This year is not exceptional as the theme set aside by the international council of Nurses (I C N) is

NURSES: a voice to lead, achieving the sustainable development goals.


”The wealth of the nation depends on the health of our nation,

                                            And the Health of our nation depends on NURSING

                                                                                                             Dr. Judith, president ICN.

 Nurses have been at the forefront of caring for others who are most vulnerable and disempowered. Nurses provide preventive and curative health care to individuals regardless of race, culture, political or religion affiliation. A thoughtful observation in a hospital reveals on thing … nurses make healthcare happen.

The scope of nursing practice have grown into several specialties within and outside the hospital environments.

Since nurses are closest to healthcare consumers, patients depends on their expertise to overcome their fears and pain over the uncertainty of the outcome their ill-health.

Apart from the fact that nurses work in diverse areas, they constitute the larger percentage of the work force in the health sector globally. Nurses spend the highest number of time with their patients on daily basis as compared to other health workers. They are natural leaders but when it comes to policy making, Nurses are thin on the ground.

“The voice of nursing is a commanding one because it sees

                                            The health needs of the patients beyond the medical diagnosis”



Sustainable development goals, what are they?

The sustainable development goals are modifications of the millennium development goals. They contain 17goals covering a broad range of sustainable development issues for the world such as ending poverty, hunger, improving health, education , combating climate change , etc. The 191 UN member states have agreed to achieve these new goals by 2030 and nurses have a major role to play. On this special week of ours, it is pertinent to remind ourselves of these goals and identify those aspects we need to intensify our efforts so we can become a voice that lead…

“Nurses respond to the health needs of people in all settings and throughout

 The life span, their roles are critical in achieving global mandates such as universal

 Health coverage and the sustainable development goals”          

                                                                                                   Dr. Chan M. Director General, WHO

The role of nurses in attaining a sustainable development goal is multidimensional because these goals are interconnected and cantered on the attainment of a healthy people and wealthy nation.

Poverty for instance has immediate impact on health. There is an obvious correlation to access to food, clothing and shelter. But it also affects a person’s abilities to access healthcare services and receive the required treatment for them to return to health.

A voice that leads… the way forward                              


Gone are the days of gallipot Nurses. Nursing has metamorphosed from carrying bed pans with dignity to a dignifying profession that follows scientific principles. With these metamorphoses, there’s need for Nurses to strive for higher academic qualifications. There’s need for diploma nurses to attain a higher degree, the graduate Nurses should also see the needs for becoming a master holder in the specialty of their choice and to Doctoral level. Not just accumulation of certificates, but knowledge and nothing but knowledge. Researchers have concluded that higher education rates among nurses are directly related to patient outcomes.


Politics influence the distribution of power among individuals and groups within a state. It is essentially the struggle for positions of power and influence by which those who succeed in such society are able to make decisions that affect the lives of every citizen within the country.

There is need for nurses to join politics so that their actions and voice can advocate for the masses and also promote the availability of resources for continuous growth of the profession. Apolitical orientation must be exterminated among nurses if we are to become a voice to lead.


To develop leadership potentials, nurses need new ways to grow as mentors and leaders. Enrol at a leadership development programs  to build your skills in strategic thinking and leading people for better results. Read books on leadership and create rooms for mentorship.


Creating a conducive working environment, proper placement and remuneration of nurses by the government is of utmost importance


                  “Unless the government makes a proper investment into nursing education

                       And practice, sustainable development goals are unattainable”



In the coming decades, nurses are expected to grow at rapid pace .at the same time, the profession grows more complex aging and increasing diverse society, increased rates of chronic illness, a health care system that has become a political battle ground. All these factors make nursing more challenging than ever.

Meeting these challenges is going to take leadership from each and every nurse.

Not everyone will lead teams, head hospitals or create policies . But every nurse will have to become a leader in health promotion, education, and treatment.

The only way nurses can become a voice to lead is through demonstration of transformational leadership.

The voices of nurses are needed now, more than anytime in the current history of mankind.


Happy Nurses Week Celebration.



For Lead Nurse Africa


Lead Nurse Africa is a Pan-African nursing organization dedicated to public health promotion and professional development.


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