It is with a sad  that I pen down these few words to advice/educate my brethren in Wa township on the health hazards/implications of the most abused drug in the municipality by both the young and old.This drug is called TRAMADOL with the street name”TRAMOL”.
This drug comes as a capsule in various dosages in milligrams(mg) and is taken via the oral route. It is an OPIOID analgesic purposely used for therapeutic effects of dealing with MODERATE to SEVERE pain. It also has an off label use of treating premature ejaculation and that’s number one reason why a lot abuse it worldwide. When I interacted with one of the guys who abuse this drug he confided in me that he gets this WEE feeling anytime he takes this drug and it is as a result of the narcotic effects of the drug, the danger here is the ADDICTION that is staring them in the face. Once they are addicted, they would have to graduate from 50mg twice daily to 100mg twice daily to achieve the same EFFECT. Sadly with every drug comes loads of SIDE/ADVERSE effects and if only they realize the harm they are causing to their kidneys and livers they would put a stop to its abuse. Come to think of it, this drug is supposed to be sold only on prescription basis. How do they access it?

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