Ebola in DRC: 24 people healed, the end of the disease is approaching.

Slowly but surely, we are heading towards the end of the Ebola virus disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to the evolution of the response.


In its last report of July 7, the Ministry of Public Health notes an overall stability of the situation in the country.


The report therefore contains some good news, in particular the number of people cured, which has increased significantly and remarkably, 24 in total.


Another good news is the number of new confirmed cases which, for many weeks now, has not moved at all. The Symbol therefore is that the national response continues to produce satisfactory results.


The Ministry of Health has initiated the phase-out of Ebola activities in Equateur Province and is preparing the stabilization and resilience phases to strengthen the capacity of the health system, and to respond even more effectively to the upcoming ones. “said Oly Ilunga on July 7 via his twitter account.

As a reminder, the last confirmed case of the Ebola virus disease goes back to June 6th and the end of the disease will have to be announced around July 22nd.


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