Since the declaration of the epidemic on Wednesday, August 1, 2018, several rapid response teams from the Ministry of Health have been sent to the city of Beni and the health zone of Mangina, the epicenter of the current Ebola epidemic .
The case that alerted the provincial health authorities is that of a 65-year-old woman living in Mangina who had been hospitalized at the Mangina Reference Health Center (CSR) a few days before being discharged in mid-July. She died at home a few days later. After her unsecured burial, the family members who cared for her began to show the same symptoms and 7 of them died.

By reviewing patient records, local health authorities have identified past sporadic community deaths. Ongoing investigations will determine whether these former community deaths have an epidemiological link between them.

The first investigations of the surveillance teams reveal that community deaths (probable cases) as well as suspected and confirmed cases have appeared in seven health zones, including five in the North Kivu Province and two in the neighboring Ituri Province.

The installation of a mobile laboratory in Beni will facilitate the testing of samples taken from suspected cases in the affected areas. Other mobile laboratories of the Ministry of Health are already operational in several cities in the provinces of North Kivu, Tshopo and Ituri, and they can also be used to test samples taken if necessary.

The first Ebola Treatment Centers (ETCs) will be set up in Mangina, Beni and Goma. Other CTEs could be installed depending on the evolution of the epidemic.

So far 879 contacts have been registered by the health authorities.

Vaccination will be an integral part of the response. The Expanded Program on Immunization still has 3,220 doses of vaccine in stock in Kinshasa. The cold chain will be deployed in Beni this weekend. Once the optimal temperature of -70 degrees Celsius is reached, the vaccines will be sent to Beni.

The Ministry of Health isĀ  working closely with the Ministry of Defense and MONUSCO to ensure the protection of health workers and the population.

Fight against Ebola, together we will defeat. Equipment, Vaccines and Drugs unloading at the Mavivi City Airport of Beni


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