Deadly Sepsis, a Global Priority but Dismissed by Majority of Health Systems Worldwide– World Sepsis Day September 13th 2019

“In resource rich countries with strong healthcare systems, sepsis inflicts between 500-700 per 100000 population, according to new data from the United States and Europe, higher than the annual incidence of new cases of cancer. The majority of deaths from sepsis are preventable and can be reduced by 50 % with appropriate measures”.

“There are countries , that have implemented effective national programs in sepsis management, and in these countries, death from sepsis has decreased from 40% to below 20%, whereas in high income countries without programs, sepsis mortality is still above 40%. in low and middle income countries, including Nigeria,sepsis mortality ranges between 50 and 70%”, said Matron Halima M.S. Kabara.

In the USA alone ,sepsis causes or contributes to 35% 0f all death in hospitals and is the leading cause of annual hospitals costs, at over 24 billion USD per year. The Global Sepsis Alliance and LeadNurseAfrica(LNA) are calling on the WHO to allocate more resources to member states to implement their sepsis resolution. Sepsis, in-spite of the lives it claims every year , is mostly unknown and poorly understood by the public, no-matter where you live.

Download  the full article here Global Sepsis Allaince Press release


Lead Nurse Africa is a Pan-African nursing organization dedicated to public health promotion and professional development.

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