Donation (GHANA): Support The Strengthening Of African Healthcare System.

Majority of African citizens have no access to quality, affordable and sustainable healthcare services. Consequently, many have lost their life over health challenges that a functional primary healthcare center could have handled.

Nurses and midwives represents above 60% of African formal healthcare workforce. LeadNurse African have been making huge investment on building the capacity of Nurses as compassionate and proficient professionals who will fill the gaps and bring healthcare to the most vulnerable in our population.

Through our capacity building programs, we have empowered thousands of Nurses and about 250 of them are currently volunteering in our family health and SlumNurse interventions.

The 2nd International Nursing and Midwifery leadership conference scheduled for 8th -12 April 2019 at the University of Ghana was designed to scale up our initiative, by building the capacity of private and public health professionals as well as promoting the development of Advanced Nursing Practice program, which is key for the achievement of quality healthcare for everyone.

Kindly donate to the success of this initiative and facilitate our humanitarian effort towards the development of Nurses and Midwives in order to strengthen our healthcare system in Africa.

We hope that our goal is lofty enough to attract your generous contribution.

Kindly make your donation in Ghana with the Mobile Money details below.

Mobile Money Name: LeadNurse Africa International Foundation.

Number: 0246664499



Lead Nurse Africa is a Pan-African nursing organization dedicated to public health promotion and professional development.

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