2019 International Family Bond System training

Every Nurse is a family nurse regardless of the area of specialty.

Every patient belongs to and plays a role in a family

When a patient is admitted into the hospital, as a nurse, you automatically become a family nurse because the patient is only half your patient while the family is the other half.

Daily, families are stressed out and broken because of the challenges with caring for a sick loved one.

Sadly, not so many health facilities and professionals are as a pro family as is required in order to achieve the overall goal of care.

Nurses are strategically positioned to render family-focused care…

Nurses can mend these hearts and bridge the gulfs that threaten to disintegrate families and throw them into the ditch of depression due to unpleasant health outcomes.

But the question is: How resourceful are you as a nurse?

Have you acquired knowledge and skills to enable you professionally and effectively engage families in the course of service rendering?

Do you have the requisite skills to confidently manage overbearing patient relatives?

You can be more resourceful at the bedside and beyond by equipping yourselves with knowledge of family systems that are well rooted in nursing and psychosocial theories and philosophies.

About Family Bond Nursing™

Family Bond Nursing™ is a relationship-based health concept which identifies, strengthen and utilizes relationships in order to prevent illness, enhance coping and improve hospital experiences and outcomes.

The Training

Family Bond Nursing™ skills are acquired through Family Bond Systems training. This training is infused with various mind transformative tools like Neuro-linguistic programming, mindfulness, insights discovery and many more.

Usually, our training takes its participants on a mental journey revealing insights into the past, clarity about the current state of living and foresight of the future.

Benefits of Attending this Training…

As a nurse, you first become your own nurse. With the skills you will acquire, you can set up your own family systems in order to ease yourself of unnecessary stress so that you are ever ready to interface with clients, colleagues at work.

Also, you get to have a fresh sense of fulfillment as you watch your skills positively impact your patients and their relatives

Your bedside skills will improve and you’ll be happier for it

More families would deeply appreciate you for going the ‘extra’ mile just to improve their experiences.

You become a member of the International Family Nursing Association, IFNA (This is optional)


Cost of training is 80k ($222) for 5 days of intensive and immersive training.

However, you can decide to be wise and smart to catch the early bird registration of 60k ($166)

The optional cost for IFNA membership is $50


Please visit www.leadnurseafrica.com. Payments can also be done via paystack.

For inquiries, contact:+23470371606150,+2347069646143

Medicine may heal but family bonds make miracles.

LeadNurse Africa.


Lead Nurse Africa is a Pan-African nursing organization dedicated to public health promotion and professional development.

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