Generation Next: Young Nurses taking the lead in Public Health Advocacy (Slum Nurse Initiative)

Have you joined the next generation of Nurses taking charge of the public health sector in Africa?

Let’s hear what Elizabeth, a 2nd level Nursing Student of  The School of Nursing, Igando , Lagos State, Nigeria has to say about this:

‘Don’t underestimate your capability’

These were the key words that kept ringing through my ears throughout the over 2 and a half hours journey to the destination we were to render our health care service.

I had imagined the worse, and also the best, including how the community dwellers would be hungry for the free medical services we had to give.

From the description of the community it seemed like assessing quality and affordable health care services was far fetched. And truly, I was not disappointed.

On arrival to the destination at Iperu-Remo community of Ogun state,  the environment appeared calm, as it was really a rural area.

Together with The LNAIF team, we started off with sensitisation while the tables & equipment we brought were set in expectation of the populace.

I was stationed at the vital signs unit, and with the increasing crowd, I found myself speaking different languages to communicate with the community dwellers.


Due to the experience, I discovered inner strength to engage in more. By the end of the outreach, I was satisfied and proud of the Nurse I am becoming.

I wanted more of such experience, because I saw it is a great avenue to gain more experience on client and Nurse relationship. The experience can never be erased from my memory, participants and other volunteers, at least not anytime soon.

Words can’t express how grateful I am to LeadNurse Africa International Foundation for this golden opportunity. I am so proud of being A Nurse, and I encourage other Nurses to be a part of this.

Sunday Elizabeth Biliki,
2nd Year Student,
Lagos State School of Nursing Igando,


To join the Slum Nurse Initiative, click on the link below:



Lead Nurse Africa is a Pan-African nursing organization dedicated to public health promotion and professional development.

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