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Lead Nurse Africa International Foundation is an organization committed to the progress and enviable positioning of the African Health care sector and the nursing profession. Our vision is to ensure that those social and economic challenges that threaten the dignity and existence of African citizens are addressed and their well-being restored through the holistic nursing world view. We, through the instrument of public health advocacy, capacity building programs, information and skill exchange, engage disturbing social and health challenges across the continent.In response to our professional calling and in the fulfillment of our social contract, we utilize our professional position, knowledge and exposure to serve as advocates, teachers, counselor, researchers and front-line creative agents of change on useful initiatives necessary in addressing the persistent and ignored challenges affecting the health and well-being of vulnerable population.

We have Thousands of volunteers for public health programs and other community services across African countries.


  • To establish an innovative and efficient public health organization in Africa
  • To expose African health workers to capacity building programmes essential for professional growth and leadership development in the 21st century
  • To build a global network for exchange of information , skills and resources
  • To encourage young health workers to aspire for excellence in education, practice and leadership.
  1. OUR MISSION:We are committed to the establishment of healthcare industry that works for everyone and the development of healthcare professionals with discipline and competencies required to deliver quality, safe and affordable healthcare services.


  1. OUR VISIONTo become global advocate for the African public, so that environmental and socio-political conditions that threatens their dignity and well-being are effectively addressed and eliminated.


  1. POLICY STATEMENT: Since the dignity of man is dependent on his health, our actions as an organization will promote policies and create solutions that will support everyone to achieve good health and well-being.



LeadNurse Africa works in partnership with other stakeholders in the healthcare industry to achieve healthy and productive communities.  We place the healthcare clients at the center of our development activities as we believe that only a healthy African population  can appropriately exploit its natural resources, educate, care for and protect its children, promote the economic well-being of African people and live in peace.  As such, LeadNurse Africa is committed to the following 7 key values in its work and organizational life.  These values serve as our working norms and establish the behavioral guidelines for successful organizational performance.

  • CARING: LeadNurse Africa is driven by caring, which is a fundamental elements of Nursing world view. We design and execute our projects because we are inspired by the burning desire to care for people and their communities.
  • Excellence in Performance:  LeadNurse Africa works to ensure that its programs are high quality, effective and efficient in nature.  They are results-oriented, achieving both development effectiveness and desired sustainable results; and are cultural, gender and age sensitive as well.
  • Partnership:  LeadNurse Africa works respectfully in collaboration with other organizations, communities, government agencies and donors, bringing together the unique resources of all to achieve common objectives.
  • Teamwork:  LeadNurse Africa board and staff work on the basis of mutual respect and accountability, dialogue and collaboration.  In our work we seek to understand the views and ideas of others, as well as to recognize the positive contributions of each person, so as to build strong relationships within and beyond our organization.
  • Integrity: LeadNurse Africa consistently works in a spirit of mutual trust, honesty, transparency and accountability.
  • Open communications:  LeadNurse Africa is committed to sharing information in a respectful and collegial manner.  The timely and regular exchange of quality information – between headquarters and field offices, board members and our partners – provides the basis for informed, consultative decision-making in our operations.
  • Diversity:  LeadNurse Africa seeks to have a workforce that reflects inclusiveness and is diverse by race, gender and geography. We celebrates diversity.
  • Technology: LeadNurse Africa is a technologically savvy organization. Our staff are prepared to communicate efficiently internally and externally and maintain world class operational capacity and services through technology programs.




OGBOLU COLLINS NDUBUISI: Executive Director (collins.ogbolu@leadnurseafrica.com)

STEPHANIE IKODIYA EZINNE: Director of Operations (stephanie.kalu@leadnurseafrica.com)

BARR. CHIBUZOR NWAKOBI: Secretary (nwakobi@leadnurseafrica.com)

JULIE MOGBO: Family Health Director (julie@leadnurseafrica.com)

SANI YASIR: Program Coordinator, Nigeria (yasir@leadnurseafrica.com)

CHUKUKERE CHIDIMMA: Media Director (chidimma@leadnurseafrica.com)

TOBA ODUMOSU: Head, IT Unit (toba@leadnurseafrica.com)

EVELYN AMOAKO: Program Coordinator, Ghana (evelyn@leadnurseafrica.com)

SAMUEL WAINAINA NWANGI: Program Coordinator, Kenya (samuel@leadnurseafrica.com)

EDITORS: Abimbola Ukachukwu, Gladys Dadzie, Princewill Aghedo (info@leadnurseafrica.com)



Our advisory board are made up of international personalities and Seasoned professionals with background in Health, Administration/Management and Information Technology.They are: